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The Louisiana Athletic Trainers' Association (LATA) is a not-for-profit organization of health care professionals dedicated to the safety in sports completion and the profession of athletic training within the State of Louisiana. Athletic Training is an allied healthcare profession recognized by the American Medical Association.  National certification in the profession requires strict educational standards based on specific knowledge and skills level. Certified athletic trainers (ATC) have a long history of providing quality healthcare for athletes and individuals engaged in physical activity and are recognized as leaders of emergency medical care within an athletic population. 

Please note: To practice as an AT in the State of Louisiana, an individual must meet specialized educational requirements and pass the national exam of the National Athletic Trainers' Association Board of Certification. In addition, you must adhere to the requirements to be licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners (LSBME). Only licensed AT can be employed throughout the State in professional sports, colleges and universities, high schools, clinics, hospital, corporate and industrial settings. They work under the general supervision of a physician and serve to enhance the quality of healthcare through education and research in the prevention, evaluation, management and rehabilitation of injuries.

Monthly Objectives of the Association




Monthly Communications

Improve monthly communications to LATA members to include a larger aspect of LATA committee efforts and highlight members

The Executive Board will meet every 3rd Sunday via Zoom . General Meeting open to members - hold Executive Session

Quarterly Committee Meetings

Actively engage committees to report strategic efforts and business updates to LATA via Zoom

Chairs of Committees are encouraged to Zoom on a quarterly basis

Public Relations

Contribute LATA Highlights from around the state to the NATA News and SEATA on a monthly basis

Contact:  DeAnna Melancon

Association Initiatives




Improve KSI ranking from 42nd to Top 10


SUCCESS - Louisiana 10th (Jan.2023)

Identify Emerging Practice for ATs within Scope of Practice 

LATA and LSBME shall have open dialogue to Emerging Practices within AT and discuss the effects on La AT Scope of Practice 

Advisory Board to LSBME is establishing adopting language to improve Scope of Practice 

Identify language that limits ATs in the practice of Athletic Training 

Serious Sports Medicine Initiative

All LHSAA schools must follow Best Practices in  having access to a cold water immersion tub  and wbgt monitor for exertional heat stress injuries. 

AUG 2022 - Initiative was formed to provide cold water immersion tubs to HS that do not have them. Cool first - Transport second response

*AUG 2022 SELF-STUDY to measure WGBT from i-20 to I-10

The Secondary School AT Initiative 

All football playing high schools in Louisiana must have an AT onsite for games and practices

Collaborate  to provide educational resources and mentor AT as follow BEST PRACTICES regarding standards of care

Over 70% of  Secondary Schools have access to an AT. Continue until all LHSAA football playing members have access to AT

 Initiate conversation to Secondary Schools that do not have an AT and create a 3 or 5 yr plan. 

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