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 The purpose of the Secondary Schools Committee shall be to promote athletic training in the secondary school setting. This committee is composed of any professional member affiliated with a secondary school setting.


Members of this committee are employed in the Secondary School setting and are in good standing with the LATA 


a)  The committee will promote professional interaction and networking opportunities for secondary school athletic trainers.
b)  The committee will monitor and establish appropriate recommendations  (e.g., Standard of Care guidelines, etc.) regarding issues and concerns affecting the secondary school practice setting.        
c)  Develop organizational and/or administrative resources to improve the quality of care provided at the secondary school setting.
d)  Promote secondary schools to apply for and receive recognition of the NATA Safe Sports School Award, as well as other types of recognition that provide value level of healthcare in the secondary school practice setting.
e)  Collect data on the various aspects of the secondary school practice setting.  All data collection projects must be submitted and approved by the Vice-President or President.

2.  Chair Duties:
a)   The chairperson will submit recommendations, resources developed, and data collection projects from the LATA Secondary School Committee to the Vice-President for consideration and approval and use from the Executive Committee.
For all matters and activities conducted by the LATA Secondary School Committee that will be considered for submission to the LHSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee and/or other organizations, the chairperson will provide information and/or recommendations, after review and consultation with the Secondary School Committee members, to the LATA President for approval as official LATA requests and/or recommendations.

Secondary School Committee




News and Notes

Appropriate Medical Care Standards for Organizations Sponsoring Athletic Activity for the Secondary School Age Athlete (AMCS)

The Appropriate Medical Care Standards for Organizations Sponsoring Athletic Activity for the Secondary School Age Athletes (AMCS) published in 2019 replaces the original 2004 version of the similarly named document, the Appropriate Medical Care for Secondary School-Age Athletes (AMCSSAA). The revisions in the statement reflect the progress and research in health care since the time of original publication, and the broadened scope that these standards should apply. The AMCS Summary Statement was published in the Journal of Athletic Training in 2019. 

The AMCS document outlines 12 standards deemed necessary in the provision of appropriate health care. Each standard consists of actionable substandards. Each standard and substandard includes the following:

  • Narrative: overview of each standard.
  • Annotation: description of each sub-standard.
  • Supporting Documentation: example documents of an organization’s compliance.
  • Review of Case Law: case results and statutes, as available and applicable, for each standard and/or substandard.*
  • References: justification for each sub-standard, cited in the narrative or annotation.

*Please note that this information is not intended to serve as legal advice and no attorney-client relationship has been formed based on the dissemination of this information. This is not an exhaustive list and other cases may exist. 

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If you are interested in getting more information or would like to serve on this committee, please complete the Committee Interest form (CLICK HERE to complete an online form).
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