Public Relations Committee




The Public Relations Committee shall promote the profession of athletic training and the purpose and function of the Association to the public. The purpose of the Public Relations Committee is to promote the interest of the Association, business and educational meetings, report the outcomes and findings of these meetings to the membership and to the public through any public medium.


The LATA Public Relations Committee will be composed of a chair and representative of each region of the state that are appointed by the LATA President. One (1) representative will be from each of the designated LATA Member Regions. The chairperson will be appointed by the President with Executive Committee approval.


a)   Working with the chairperson in disseminating information to the members of the LATA.
b)  Assisting the chairperson with public relation programs & campaigns in their respective regions.
c)  Sharing information, materials and ideas with the committee.
d)  Fulfilling the charge of the committee under the direction of the chair.
e)  Serving on sub-committees as appointed by the Chair.
f)   Other duties as assigned by the Chair.
g)  Budget:  The budget of the LATA Public Relations Committee will be based on individual projects approved by the LATA Executive Committee. The Chair will meet with the Vice-President to submit ideas for projects requiring funding for consideration by the Executive Committee. Once approved, an accurate accounting of the funds will be maintained and submitted to the LATA Treasurer.
h)  Meetings:
(1)  The LATA Public Relations Committee will meet annually at the LATA Winter Business Meeting and Summer Symposium.
(2)  Meetings (in person and or conference calls) will be conducted on a regular basis per LATA Policies and Procedures.
i)   Act as a resource to the LATA Executive Committee and LATA on public relations matters.
j)   Investigate and recommend to the LATA Executive Committee public relations objectives and strategies.
k) When outside Public Relations counsel is authorized by the LATA Executive Committee, the committee conducts an
agency review and recommends a firm for approval by the Executive Committee.
l)    Disseminate information from and to the NATA and SEATA Public Relations Committee.
m)  Direct NATA and SEATA public relations programs and campaigns in the state.
n)    Serve as a public relations resource for LATA members.
o)     Develop and implement public relations programs, with LATA Executive Committee approval, to promote athletic training in the state.  At a minimum, the committee will develop a statewide plan for the LATA to participate in the NATA National Athletic Training Month.
p)   Create materials to help LATA members promote athletic training.
q)    Share ideas and materials from each region of the state.
r)     Educate LATA members of their role in public relations and to work with other LATA committees to meet their goals

Chair Duties
a)  The Chair of the LATA Public Relations Committee will be chosen by the LATA President.  The term as Chair of the LATA Public Relations Committee is an annual appointment.
b)  Make recommendations to the Vice-President for the formation of ad hoc committees as needed to fulfill the functions and duties of the Public Relations Committee.  The Vice-President will solicit approval for proposed ad hoc committees from the Executive Committee.
c)  Working with other LATA committees to meet their goals.
d) Preparing additional reports as requested by the President.
e)  Authoring the Public Relations section of the LATA Lagniappe.
f)   Maintaining accurate records and minutes of the Public Relations Committee meetings.
g) Committee Chairperson or his/her designee will solicit and provide information from the LATA membership to the LATA President or his/her designee for submission to various media channels.

Other duties as assigned by the LATA President.





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