§3104. Athletic Trainer Advisory Committee


A)   Constitution. An Athletic Training Advisory Committee ("the advisory committee") to the board is hereby constituted, to be composed and appointed, to have such functions, and to discharge such responsibilities as hereinafter provided.

B)   Composition and Qualifications. The advisory committee shall comprise seven members, including five athletic trainers and two physicians, each of whom shall, to be eligible for and prior to appointment to the committee, be certified as an athletic trainer or licensed as a physician by and in good standing with the board, have maintained residency and practice in the state of Louisiana for not less than one year and have not less than three years of experience in their respective fields. In addition to such general qualifications, the athletic trainer and physician members of the advisory committee shall satisfy the following qualifications.

1)    Athletic Trainer Members. The athletic trainer members of the committee shall be appointed and apportioned as follows:

a)     one of such members shall be employed or appointed as an athletic trainer by and for a high school;

b)    one of such members shall be employed or appointed as an athletic trainer by and for a college or university; and

c)     insofar as practical or possible, in its appointment of members to the advisory committee, the board shall maintain geographic diversity so as to provide membership on the advisory committee by certified athletic trainers residing and practicing throughout Louisiana, with at least one member from the Alexandria, Louisiana area or north, and at least one member from south of such area.

2)    Physician Members. The physician members of the committee shall each:

a)     hold the title of team physician or its equivalent, employed or appointed by a Louisiana high school, college, university, or professional athletic team; and

b)    have responsibility for and an active role in the direct supervision of athletic trainers.

C)   Appointment; Term of Service. Each member of the advisory committee shall be appointed by the board from among a list of not fewer than two qualified nominees for each committee position submitted to the board by the Louisiana Athletic Trainers Association (LATA), or its successor. Each nomination so submitted shall be accompanied by a personal résumé or curriculum vitae for the nominee. Each member of the advisory committee shall serve on the committee for a term of three years, or until his or her successor is appointed, and shall be eligible for reappointment.

D)   Functions and Responsibilities of the Committee. The advisory committee is responsible and authorized by the board to:

1)    assist the board in examining the qualifications and credentials of applicants for athletic trainer certification and make recommendations thereon to the board;

2)    advise and assist the board, as the board may request, with respect to investigative and disciplinary proceedings affecting certified athletic trainers;

3)    provide advice and recommendations to the board respecting the modification, amendment, and supplementation of rules and regulations, standards, policies, and procedures respecting athletic trainer certification and practice; and

4)    establish and appoint a continuing education subcommittee, comprising no fewer than three athletic members of the advisory committee, to discharge the responsibilities prescribed by §3169.

E)   Committee Meetings, Officers. The advisory committee shall meet at least twice each calendar year, or more frequently as may be deemed necessary by a quorum of the committee or by the board. The presence of five members, including at least one physician member, shall be requisite to constitute a quorum of the advisory committee. The advisory committee shall elect, from among its members, a chairman, a vice-chair, and a secretary. The chairman, or in his absence or unavailability, the vice-chair, shall call, designate the date, time, and place of, and preside at all meetings of the committee. The secretary shall record, or cause to be recorded, accurate and complete written minutes of all meetings of the advisory committee and shall cause copies of the same to be provided to the board.

F)    Confidentiality. In discharging the functions authorized by the board under §3104, the advisory committee and the individual members thereof shall, when acting within the scope of such authority, be deemed agents of the board. All information obtained by the committee members pursuant to §3104.D, or pursuant to Subchapter H of this Chapter, shall be considered confidential. As such, advisory committee members are prohibited from communicating, disclosing, or in any way releasing to anyone, other than the board, any information or documents obtained when acting as agents of the board without first obtaining written authorization of the board.

AUTHORITY NOTE: Promulgated in accordance with R.S. 37:3301-3312 and 37:1270(B)(6).

HISTORICAL NOTE: Promulgated by the Department of Health and Hospitals, Board of Medical Examiners, LR 24:937 (May 1998).

LSBME Advisory Committee Members:



Gary Lewis, LAT (Chair)

(Covington Area)



Alex Dibbley, ATC, LAT

(Lake Charles Area)



Barry Duplantis, ATC, LAT

(Lafayette Area)



Ed Evans, ATC, LAT

(Natchitoches Area)



David Giardina, ATC, LAT, PTA

(Baton Rouge Area)




Greg Stewart, MD

(New Orleans Area)




James Leddy, MD

(Alexandria Area)

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