ACES BOC Preparatory Workshop

  • 01/10/2014
  • 12:00 PM
  • 01/12/2014
  • 12:00 PM
  • Campus of University of Louisiana at Lafayette
  Who should attend ACES Preparatory Workshop?
If you plan to take the Board of Certification (BOC) exam for athletic training certification within the next nine months, this workshop could be your ticket to successfully completing the exam. Prior to attending the ACES Preparatory Workshop, you should have completed the required academic course work (or be currently enrolled).
An experienced staff of professional educators offer a weekend-long workshop designed to identify an athletic training student's specific strong and weak areas. Each domain of the BOC Role Delineation Study--the "blueprint" for the BOC exam--will be closely investigated, with review of the most recent changes. Various resources (textbooks, videos, etc.) will be available for the participants to utilize for studying throughout the workshop. Every participant will leave the workshop with an individualized action plan to enhance their preparation for the BOC certification exam. With this knowledge, the student may properly prepare in the most efficient manner by focusing their efforts toward the appropriate areas.

The ACES staff works hard to keep all materials used in our workshops up to date with information about the BOC exam. We take great pride in presenting accurate and current information about test design and format. All details regarding the test is carefully researched from information in the public domain published by the BOC.

ACES Preparatory Workshop Sessions Entail:
  • Test Taking Strategies
    • Multiple Choice
    • Focused Testlets and Alternative Item Types
  • Mock Multiple Choice Exams
  • Individual Study with Selected Textbooks and other Resources

Upon Completion of the ACES Preparatory Workshop, the Student Will:

  • Possess a firm understanding of the various components of the BOC certification exam
  • Be aware of their strong and weak areas
  • Possess an awareness of the specific areas to concentrate on for further preparation
  • Be familiar with various resources to utilize when preparing for the certification exam
  • Have an individualized plan of action to enhance their exam preparation


To register for the workshop, click HERE.

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