LATA Vice President Election

  • 06/07/2013
  • 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Registration Table

The following members are running for the Vice President's position:

Scott Arceneaux, ATC, LAT

St. Amant High School

 Marcella Babcock, ATC, LAT

Runnels High School


John Boudreaux, ATC, LAT

McNeese State University


Ray Castle, ATC, LAT

Louisiana State University


Section III: Vice-President

Qualifications: In order to hold the office of Vice-President, a person must be a state certified athletic trainer and a member in good standing with the Association.

Terms of Office: Three (3) years. A term shall begin at either the conclusion of the Summer Business Meeting, or on July 1 (whichever comes first.)

Number of Terms: A member may hold the office of Vice-President for only two (2) consecutive terms.


1. In the absence of the President, the Vice President shall preside at all meetings and represent the President before all outside agencies, groups or organizations.

2. The Vice-President, with the Secretary, shall be in charge of all arrangements for the Association’s general business and executive meetings.

3. The Vice-President shall be an Ex-officio of all Committees.

4. The Vice-President shall assume the role of President in the event of the President having to leave office unexpectedly. He/She will hold office and fulfill the duties of both offices, with the assistance of the Secretary, until such time as nominations can be obtained and an election can be held.

5. The Vice-President will remove committee members for failure to perform assigned duties, or for other valid reasons, with approval of the President

6. The Vice-President shall submit a yearly report on the standing committees, and their functions, finances, and their programs for the past year. This report will be submitted at the general membership meeting of the Summer Meeting.

7. The Vice President shall be the awards facilitator for both the educational and service awards. He/She shall be responsible for the call of nominations such that all nominations can be given to the Executive and Education Committee on or before the Winter Business Meeting.

8. The Vice President shall perform other duties as assigned by the President.

9. All members of the executive committee are expected to be in attendance at both executive and general summer and winter business meetings. In the extenuating circumstances requiring an absence, the President should be notified prior to said meeting.

ByLaws Election Process Information

Ballots will be made available the morning after the business meeting (or the first full day) of the Summer Symposium. Voting be held on-site from 8 am – 4 pm. The Executive Committee will tally the votes and the results of the vote will be announced at the end of the day. The new officers will take over after the summer business meeting. If there are only two members running for an office, a simple majority vote of all returned ballots will be needed to be elected.

All ballots must have the voting member’s state certification number and be returned to the secretary for tabulation.

A recount of votes must be requested in writing by five certified members and delivered to the Secretary before the end of the Symposium. Recount will be done in the presence of the Executive Committee and the members requesting the recount at the symposium. Officers running for re-election can do so unopposed. Once an officer can no longer run for re-election, there must be two or more candidates running for election.

In the event of a special circumstance preventing an on-site election of an executive committee office, a special election will be conducted via email. This online election will be conducted over a 14-day period during the month of June. This will occur via a secure email site manned by an outside official of a mutual party. In accordance with the current by-laws, the voting eligibility will remain the same.

In the event of an absolute tie in an election of a new executive officer the standing members of the executive committee, along with all past LATA presidents present, will vote to break the tie. This vote will exclude an person(s) involved in said election.

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