Compliance with ACT 352?

Pursuant to Act 352 of the 2011 Louisiana Legislative Session, before a student is allowed to participate in any school-sponsored or school sanctioned athletic activity, the student and parents or guardian of the student shall document they have viewed information provided in written or verifiable electronic form by the school regarding the risks of serious sports injuries.


By its very nature, competitive athletics can put students in situations in which SERIOUS, CATASTROPHIC, and perhaps FATAL accidents could occur. Students and parents/guardians must assess the risks involved in such participation and make their choice to participate in spite of those risks. NO amount of instruction, precaution or supervision will totally eliminate all risk of injury. Participation in athletics is inherently dangerous. The obligation of parents/guardians and students in making this choice to participate cannot be overstated.


By granting permission to your son/daughter to participate in athletic competition, a parent or guardian acknowledges that playing or practicing in any sport can be a dangerous activity involving many risks of injury. Both the athlete and parent/ guardian must understand that the dangers and risks of playing or practicing to play include but are not limited to, death, complete or partial paralysis, brain damage, serious injury to virtually all internal organs, bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, tendons and other aspects of the skeletal system and the potential impairment to other aspects of the body, general health, and well being.


Because of the dangers of participating in sports, both the parent /guardian and player should recognize the importance of following instructions regarding playing techniques, training, equipment and other team rules, etc. both in competition and practice and agree to obey such instruction.

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