Coach's Resource Page

The following documents are provided in an effort to help the coach, and the respective school, become more organized and work toward compliance with the following state laws.  (NOTE: This information is NOT all inclusive and does NOT guarantee compliance.  Compliance with the law(s) is the responsibility of the respective School District.)


  • ACT 314 - Youth Concussion Act

  • ACT 352 - Comprehensive Sports Injury Management Program


Acknowledgement of Risk 
  1. Document: Obtains an acknowledgement of the risk of injury that comes with participating in athletics.
  2. Document: Notifies both the student athlete and parent(s) of the risk of serious injury in athletics.
  3. Document obtains athlete and parental notification of the risk of concussion and head injury.
  4. Document: Concussion statement on athlete responsibility and parent awareness.

Emergency Action Plan (EAP)
  1. Form: Obtains the emergency information and consent from the parent / guardian.
  2. Document: Sample template for the development of an EAP.
  3. Document: Sample EAP and the use of first-aid and an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED).

Sending the Athlete to a Doctor
  1. Form: LHSAA 2012 Medical History/Medical Examination Form.
  2. Form: Send with your student athlete to the appropriate health care provider (MD, DO, PA, NP) for an evaluation.
  3. Form: LHSAA Return-to-Competition Form to obtain medical clearance for a return to play status

Heat Illness / Prevention
  1. Document: NFHS 2012 Heat Acclimatization and Heat Illness Prevention Position Statement.
  2. Document: NFHS 2011 Position Statement and Recommendation for Hydration.
  3. Document: Urine Color Chart to help determine if the stuent athlete is hydrated?
  4. Document: NFHS 2011 Position Statement and Recommendations on the Use of Energy Drinks.

Concussion / Head Injury
  1. Document: LHSAA 2011 Concussion Packet.

CDC 24/7: Saving Lives. Protecting People. Saving Money through Prevention.

Concussion in Sports website

Online training

Concussion / Head Injury
  1. Document: SCAT3 with signs and symptoms of a possible concussion.
  2. Document: Palm card with information and tools to hlp medical staff with the on-field care of a concussion.
  3. Document:  SCAT3 for youth athletes ages 5-12.
  4. Document: NFHS 2011 Position Statement and Recommendations for Mouth Guard use in Sports.

Lightning Safety
  1. Document: NFHS 2010 Guidelines on Handling Contest during Lightning Disturbances.

Other Helpful Resources
  1. Document:NFHS 2010 Guidelines on sports hygiene, skin infections, and communicable diseases.
  2. Document: Obtains parental authorization and consent to allow the respective school board to conduct drug and alcohol testing.
Other Helpful Resources
  1. Document: Obtains parental authorization to communicate with their child via electronic means (phone, text, etc.) concerning all relative information to their sport.

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