2020 Serious Sports Injury Initiative 


Action Item: "relative to the health and safety of students who participate in school-sanctioned athletics; to provide for an emergency action plan; to provide for coaches certification program; to provide for sports injury management program;"  ACT 259

In principle, the LATA should take a leading role in ensuring the health and safety to children participating in interscholastic athletics. We must do a better job educating our peers, coaches, and parents to understand the importance of an AT at the secondary school setting.

* The creation and implementation of an Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for each athletic venue. Reviewed annually

* Utilization of "best practices" for Heat acclimatization and Wet Bulb Globe Temperate monitoring

* Annual Coaching Education 

* Cold Water Immersion Tanks


Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

How to respond to a Heat Related Emergency 



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