Survey on Athletic Training Services in Louisiana

The LATA Secondary School Committee has surveyed all the secondary schools in Louisiana, with the help of the LHSAA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee, to assess the level of athletic training and/or medical services provided at each school with football (1A - 5A).

You may view a 2 page summary on the data from our survey on Athletic Training Services. Additionally, the data collected has been compiled and may be viewed on any of the following web based maps:

  1. Map of secondary schools with football.

  2. Map of medical facilities providing athletic training services.

  3. Map of Athletic Training Education Programs (accredited by CAATE) in Louisiana

Classification Criteria for survey:

Full-time Athletic Training Services per School

o at least 5 days a week

o at least 30 hours a week

o at least 10 months out of the year

Part-time Athletic Training Services per School

o anything less than full-time


Source of Employment Providing Athletic Training Services to High Schools:

  • Medical Facility Includes hospital, physician office, private clinic or University
  • Teacher Teaches 50% or more of their school’s regular class periods
  • Contract Not employed by a medical facility and not a full-time teacher; employed by school system

Additional Resources:

How to Hire and Athletic Trainer (pdf)


Network of resources to support the teacher/athletic trainer in Louisiana.

Sports Medicine Curriculum Brochures



If you would like to learn more about athletic training services in your area, LATA has established a state-wide regional representative communications system. The goal of this plan is to provide the public with a qualified helath care provider to serves as a resouce of information and communication. Click here to learn more.

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